Esparsos e parcos apontamentos

sábado, dezembro 31, 2005

Happy New Year 2006

quinta-feira, dezembro 22, 2005

Merry Xmas

Pá, isto é só pra desejar bons natais e tal a quem aki passar entretanto. Já agora, fica aqui uma foto duma construção que fiz um destes dias na neve.
Agora em inglês pra malta daqui perceber, eheheh.

See guyz, the Christmas tree in Lisbon, quite impressive, huh?

Well, it's just metal with lamps, music coming from its base and people taking photographs, nothing much... for people that used to sail around the globe :-P

Feliz Natal, Boas Saídas e Melhores Entradas
Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo
Joyeux Noel et Bonne Anneé
Frohliche Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr
Kala Christougenna Kieftihismenos O Kenourios Chronos
Schéi Krëschtdeeg an e Schéint Néi Joer
Hyvää Joulua or Hauskaa Joulua
Linksmu Kaledu ir laimingu Nauju metu
Bon Nadal i Feliç Any Nou
Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo

terça-feira, dezembro 20, 2005

Every Pictures Tells A Story

Not this one...

Já estávamos em Outubro, fui à Praia Grande molhar os pés, comer um bacalhauzinho assado no Coelho e apanhar um pouco de maresia.
Devia mudar o título do postamento para wishlist ou I wish I was under the sun.

Yeah, that's me

Parece que me vai chover em cima...
Looks like it's gonna rain on me...

sexta-feira, dezembro 16, 2005

Live from Luxembourg

Muito bom, os tipos continuam em forma.

Bom fim de semana a todos.
Have a nice weekend.
Bon week-end à tous.

segunda-feira, dezembro 12, 2005

I went to Germany and came back

Probably that’s not such a deed; many people have done it in quite adverse conditions, like the Romans, in sandals, or Churchill, with no hair.

Anyway, I arrived with my hair and shoes by sunrise, everything was closed except for the ruins; I guess you can never close ruins, they are normally ruined, windowless, doorless and ceilingless, and you would have to rebuild them to accomplish any kind of isolation from the outside. But I did not get in until I was sure that the Roman centurion at the door left for his lunch hour, you don’t want to mess with a hungry soldier.

This was right after I had my first mulled wine; I think I may had drank some more wine which of course had no impact in the factual description of what passed in front of my eyes:
- german men all seem to grow blonde moustaches, even if the colour doesn’t match with their clothing; the younger ones tend to grow piercings in the eyebrows;

- although it was cold as hell (or as heaven, I guess hell is quite warm), I saw mary christmas in a miniskirt several times, always smiling for me and saying “Danke”, which is the German word for “I would love to stop by your place tonight but Santa wants me to comb his beard”;

- the mug of the hot wine was a kind of boot, possibly from Santa Claus, and progressively got emptier while I was drinking.

Just go there!

domingo, dezembro 04, 2005


I’m sure that most of you are bilingual, trilingual and so on. So, I’m opening an exception posting today in English so that everybody can understand. I hope this time I get more comments…

As you know I’ve just arrived in Luxembourg, which by the way is not a city in Germany (stole your line, R.), but rather a country with so many people as my neighbourhood back in Brazil. I’m pretty sure that if you tell a Chinese about the Luxembourgish, he most certainly ask you in which hotel are they staying!

Well, I arrived here last Monday beneath a rain and snow mixture that really damped my feet and soul. Prepared for a good night sleep in a quite hotel, I ended up in the local Youth Hostel surrounded by rowdy teenagers from France and Germany. To make things worse, my reservation grated me a room in a full four-bed dorm in the basement. Fortunately, the beer was ok and I had some cigs to help me sleep.

Some thirty minutes passed between these thoughts and getting back to the cafeteria with a French Greenpeace activist with an exhausted halo, an Australian mate lost in Europe for the past ten months and a kid from Seattle with long eyebrows and a fair smile.

Well, I combined the search for a room to rent for with the discovering of the city. Later at night, a British pissed-off young man joined us and leaded the way through the bars. We drank the last pint listening to a local band playing some Miles Davis revisited-upbeat-4-to-4 tunes.

Everything was going fine with Luxembourg when the nightmares came. Don’t think that this a normal thing like dreaming about having your pockets full of cane sugar or imagining yourself navigating in a sea of mayonnaise. Some of you might remember a certain pineapple once haunted me in other latitudes. Well, last night my coat started to exhale the same scent that local sausages. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it started giving me orders in German, as if I understand anything he tells me anyway… now I can’t wear it anymore, I’m gonna have to slice it and eat it with mustard!

You are all invited to come to my place, it was a big coat, now it is certainly a big sausage and there is a piece for everyone.