Esparsos e parcos apontamentos

terça-feira, agosto 17, 2010

on the way to the grand canyon – first days

just landed in albuquerque, decided to get a car and drive west. that’s pretty west already, so you say, but the fact is that the land is endless, miles and miles of pure loneliness, cruise control on 75 and no curves to distract you, just asphalt, dark, empty and boiling. from here to the sea await 1000 long miles of interstate roads.

tired of driving, stopped at the city called gallup, new mexico. is it by far the most desolate place i’ve seen in a long time. walmarts and fast food joints are planted everywhere you look. people are poor, unemployed and cranky. kids are fat and constantly screaming for a soda refill. supermarkets didn’t have any decent fruit and the cleanest place i could find to eat in town was the subway, unexpectedly open 24 hours. didn’t see any teenagers, bars or action besides loud cars passing by.

as i left, took a picture of an three-mile train. it’s just like the city: uninteresting, slow and boring.

in three words: don’t go, EVER.