Esparsos e parcos apontamentos

domingo, agosto 22, 2010

meteor crater.

50,000 years ago a meteorite of approximately 50 meters struck these plains at about 12 kilometers per second. this is the result.

the visit is quite interesting and full of information.
lesson #1: if you happened to see such a thing try to stay away unless you want to be vaporized.
lesson #2: use your coupon to get a free cookie at subway’s
lesson #3: if you must see the impact closely, bring sun glasses or old x-rays exams. i hear it’s a blast.
lesson #4: the indians knew an object had fallen from the sky before geologists. they just didn’t know when, how, why or the color of the lump. geologists said: it fell in late afternoon, just as the moon was rising; it was black and heavy.
lesson #5: before you leave don’t forget to refuel with a discounted price.
lesson#6: mr franklin was the first one to find it. he called it franklin’s hole. what a self-centered prick. he wants a hole this big only to himself!!!