Esparsos e parcos apontamentos

segunda-feira, setembro 21, 2009

a summer…?

prague, czech republic, july 2009

acadia national park, maine, usa, may 2009

boston, massachusetts, usa, may 2009

when: may to august 2009
where: new england, usa; copenhagen, denmark; berlin, germany; prague, czech republic; athens and around, greece; lisbon and around, Portugal; lowlands, the netherlands
traveled distance: 26.970 km by train, plane, boat and car

there would be a lot to say about my summer if only i tried. summer’s over and to be honest, it feels good. more and more I get the feeling that holidays are only worth to remind you how bad it is to be back. at least, when you’re on cruise speed throughout the winter, every little moment of joy, every small escapade is better appreciated.
the post holiday depression was so hard on me that it took me one month to write this, these walls never looked so gray. i’ve been avoiding looking at the thousand pics taken.

but i found the perfect remedy. you know when you watch all those romantic stories that end up well? i always leave the theater wondering what they would be doing now. get it? right, so everything ends well, but what after? what happens when you’re already biking home? are they all still getting along? don’t you ever wonder this?
my remedy is… don’t! live your joyful moments without thinking you’re up there, live it like you’re somewhere, floating, hanging.

anyway, have a good autumn. see you in the xmas markets.