Esparsos e parcos apontamentos

quarta-feira, novembro 21, 2007


my soulmate commented with me one of these days that not blogging is not a sign of laziness or lack of imagination, it just means that you’re busy somewhere else living. well, yeah!, i have been pretty busy strolling around and developing an ever-growing awe about the things I found out:

> i enjoy watching romantic comedies like this one and believe it can happen (still think that she wasn’t faking it in that new york deli).

> i consider before sunrise and before sunset to be deeply philosophical and shared at some point the dream of every interrailer (or low-cost rider) of meeting casually the love of your life in some accidental city like vienna or paris.

> i always drop a sneaky look inside dutch houses with big unprotected windows secretly hoping to see someone naked.

> i love to watch action movies like this one specially when our hero is smart and handsome.

> spending days alone in amsterdam taking pictures of strangers, talking occasionally with people and having jenever makes me wonder what is there more in life to be enjoyed.

> i can listen endlessly to cool songs like this one and this one and this one while vacuuming or handwashing my delicate colourful clothes.

> watching candles burning in my living room, playing with their hot wax and unintendedly burn my skin makes me hard.

> sending texts to friends sharing info about good toilets make any city feel no more like uncharted territory when you’re in a rush.

> listen to my favourite mick jagger song in one of amsterdam’s brown cafés makes me sing it out from my lungs ignoring people looking and pointing at me.

> taking pictures of beers i really enjoyed drinking and set them as my cellphone wallpaper makes me the happiest man on the planet.

> berlin is my favourite city and i can’t seem to be able to explain anyone why.

> i stare at people in the streets imagining me in their cool clothes.

been busy living.

Amsterdam, Johnny Jordaanplein
20/X/2007, 14h48